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Health & Safety Policy

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Monday, 02 July 2012 09:25

We believe that health and safety of people related to our operations is of prime concern. Maintenance of safe & healthy environment is essential for productivity, quality, cost and well being of employees. All hazards shall be controlled and personal injuries prevented by effective participation of all employees and implementation of necessary preventive measures.

We're committed to :

  • Comply of statutory and regulatory requirements related to industrial health & safety.
  • Comply with health and  requirements as applicable for the product considering customer's as well as other interested parties needs / expections.
  • Integrate health & safety aspect in selection, use and maintenance of plant, machines, equipments, materials, processes, and products.
  • Incorporate health & safety in selection, training, placement and career advancement of personnel.
  • Provide all individuals with all necessary information, instructions and supervision for safe working practices.
  • Evaluate and improve health and safety performance of the organization through periodical safety inspection and reviews.

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