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API Process Pumps

Between Bearing Type

BB2 Series

KBSD ( KS ) Pumps

The KS Pump is offered in between bearing designs of single stage; with double suction and centreline support. The pump also has low NPSH and high performance values. The pump is used extensively at oil refineries and various chemical industries.

upto 6000 m3/h (26417 U.S.gpm)
upto 550 m (1800 ft)
-104º C~ + 425º C (-155º F~ + 797º F)
Flange Rating
ASME Class 300 and 600

Design and manufacture as per API 610 Easy inspection and repair maintenance of bearings and mechanical seal on both sides after removal of coupling spacer only. The rotating element can be removed without disconnecting suction / discharge piping and driver
Centerline supported heavy duty design to ensure high reliability under stringent operating conditions Pump family designed to have max. parts interchangeability

Fluid Handling in Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Industry Variety of Materials of Constructions and Seal Flushing Plans are available to cater to a Wide Range of Applications
High Temperature and High Pressure Critical Applications in Chemical and Allied Industries Pump as Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine in Chemical and Process Plants.

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