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Wednesday, 14 March 2018 05:31

API Pumps

Vertically Suspended Type

VS1 and VS6 Series

KVSL / KVSH (BHR / BHQ / BHM / BHK/ BHMa / BHA ) Pumps

These pump models are suspended vertically.The pumps are constructed rigidly to ensure vibration free operation. Hydraulic design is being updated with our continuous R&D efforts to meet requirements of higher efficiency and lower submergence, taking care of other parameters such as, high reliability and optimum system design

up to 40,000 m3 /hr (176000 US gpm)
up to 200 m (650 ft)
up to 70 deg c
Flange Rating
ASME Class 150/300

Vibration-free performance Low submergence
No priming required Dry pit/Wet pit arrangement available
Direct drive/Right angle gear drive Impeller pull-out/Non-pull-out
Bowl pull-out/Non-pull-out Gland packed / Mechanical seal
50Hz / 60Hz availability  

Water supply Pumps Irrigation Pumps
Cooling tower Thermal and Nuclear power plants
Steel, Cement industries Refineries
Sea water Service Condensate extraction
Fire fighting Pumps Flood control
Dry Docks
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