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Boiler Feed Pumps

High Pressure

BB4 Series

KBSH / KBDH ( SS / SSD ) Pumps

SS and SSD pumps comprise a flange rating of up to 2500. The capacity and heads can be designed according to the client's specifications. These pumps are used for hydro processes concerning different types of raw and sea water.

upto 650 m3/h (2862 U.S.gpm)
upto 2500 m (8202 ft)
More higher capacity and head is possible when pumps are operated at higher speeds
-5º C~ + 200º C (23º F~ + 392º F)
Flange Rating
ASME Class 300 / 600 / 900 / 1500 / 2500

Design and manufacture as per company standard but can meet API 610 requirements First stage impeller with double suction is provided in SSD models to improvise NPSH R performance
Easy inspection and repair maintenance of bearings and mechanical seal after removal of coupling spacer only. Specially designed to meet high performance for superior and extended low cost operation.
Multistage pump with ring section diffuser casing design with centerline support to meet high temperature and high pressure applications especially in BFW application Pump family designed to have max. parts interchangeability

High pressure boiler feed water applications High pressure applications in water treatment plant.
High pressure mine drainage applications Pump as hydraulic power recovery turbine in water treatment plants
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