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Boiler Feed Pumps

Low and Medium Pressure

KBSL / KBSM ( MSS / MSSH ) Pumps

These pumps have a standard ASME flange rating of up to 600. They comprise a tandem impeller arrangement. These are Non API pumps, which are generally used water processing and desalination.

upto 270 m3/h (1189 U.S.gpm)
upto 850 m (2788.71 ft)
-5º C~ + 165º C (23º F~ + 329º F)
Flange Rating
ASME Class 150 / 600

Design and manufacture as per company standard. Specially designed to meet reliable performance for extended low cost operation.
Multistage pump with ring section diffuser casing design with foot mounted casing suitable for low pressure requirements. Pump family designed to have max. parts interchangeability
Easy inspection and repair maintenance of bearings and mechanical seal after removal of coupling spacer only.  

LP and MP Boiler feed applications. Low Pressure and High Pressure applications in water treatment plants
Low Pressure and High Pressure applications in light chemical plants  
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