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Power Turbines

Condensing Turbine

Double Extraction Cum Condensing

The Double Extraction Condensing Steam Turbine is designed for combined heat and power generation. The residual steam is processed in the low-pressure section of the turbine and in the condenser. The Turbine manufactured here is based on Reaction technology of Steam Turbines.
Type of Turbine
Double Extraction Condensing
Output on Generator Terminals
Upto 25 Mw
Turbine Nominal Speed
Nominal pressure of steam on emergency stop valve
101 bar
Nominal temperature of steam on emergency stop valve
540 º C

  • Turbine rating between 6 to 25 Mw
  • Inlet steam pressures and temperature upto 110 bar 540ºC
  • Manufacturing superiority and high
  • Exclusive material
  • Reaction design
  • High power output and revenue for given steam conditions
  • Lower steam consumption and hence saving of fuel
  • Sturdy structure
  • Cement
  • Chemicals
  • Biomers


  • Pulp and Paper
  • Metal
  • Sugar
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